Selected for the Olympus Asia Pacific Innovation Program

SONIRE Therapeutics Inc. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tohru Satoh; hereinafter referred to as “SONIRE”), announces that it has been selected for the Olympus Asia Pacific Innovation Program (OAIP), which is organized by Olympus Corporation in cooperation with MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific.

The OAIP is open to startup companies with innovative technologies that contribute to minimally invasive treatments and lesion detection, diagnosis, and treatment in the medical device field and the grand prize winner will receive a mentorship program and reward from Olympus. The OAIP winners will also be selected as one of the MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific 2023 Cohort, which will be hosted by MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific, and will be provided with various support and opportunities to participate in the pitch. For more information, please see the news release regarding the MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific 2023 Cohort.

We will continue to promote our business in order to realize the wish we put in our company name at the time of our foundation: ” Sonics(Ultrasound) Brings New Future to Cancer Patients and Families.”.

Shin Yoshizawa, our CTO, has been promoted to Professor at Tohoku University (Graduate School of Engineering)